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Advertising in Trendy Times


$6.00 per column-inch (B&W)
$7.50 per column inch (Color)

Quarter Page - B&W: $100
Quarter Page - Color: $125
Half Page - B&W: $175
Half Page - Color: $225
Full page - B&W: $300
Full Page - Color: $400

Front page
$10 per column inch (Color)
Back page
$8.50 per column inch (Color)

Municipal (including schools)
$4.50 per column-inch (B&W)

Non-profit organizations
(including churches)
$3.00 per column-inch (B&W)

Personal (non-business)
(Yard sale, thank-you, open house, card shower, etc.)
$4.00 per column-inch (B&W)
(minimum $15)

Personal classifieds
(For sale, wanted, lost & found, etc.)
(maximum 25 words)

Business classifieds
(For rent, help wanted, etc.)
$10 for 2 issues
$20 for 5 issues
$50 for 15 issues

Advertise with us to see your ad in over eight thousand homes with our free distribution. We offer black & white ads as well as color ads in certain sections of the paper. Front and back page advertising is available at a small premium.

Ads are sold by the column-inch. Each column is 2 inches wide.

Ad Sample

We believe that non-profit orgnizations shouldn't have to spend half their budget on advertising. We endeavor to offer the cheapest rates around for our non-profits.

Ad Sample

Ad Sample

Not all Times are Trendy but there will always be Trendy Times

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